Incognito – salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg

Day-to-day living to the rhythm of the big city, we unwittingly become hostages of constant stress. This factor is one of the main causes of the deterioration of men’s health at any age. Unfortunately, not all residents of St. Petersburg know how to effectively and regularly to get rid of harmful effects of stress.

Meanwhile, according to authoritative representatives of the medical world, erotic massage is one of the most effective ways of relieving tiredness. It is not surprising that today have resorted to this method, an increasing number of residents of St. Petersburg, not only male.

Erotic massage is a very special form of relaxation. During the whole process, the masseuse and the client is completely naked, which promotes bonding and thrill that will not give you any type of classical massage. Natural sexual arousal that occur during the relaxation process, helps to restore men’s health and the release of endorphins in the blood, which in turn gives You a boost of energy for new achievements.

Despite such close contact during the session, do not confuse erotic massage in St. Petersburg with questionable services such as sexual contact, this procedure has nothing to do.

So, if You come to our site in search of a cure from the stress, then congratulations, because You have come to the right place! To feel the unique bliss, which gives a real erotic massage in Saint Petersburg, come to the men’s Spa Incognito on Nevsky prospect!

Spa salon Incognito – erotic massage in the centre of St. Petersburg

Spa salon of erotic massage Incognito situated in the heart of the Northern Capital at the address Nevsky Prospekt, 74. To us equally convenient to reach by private car and using public transport. We are walking distance from the metro station “Plochad Vosstaniya” (“Mayakovskaya”), “Nevsky prospect” (“Gostiniy Dvor”), “Vladimirskaya” (“Dostoevskaya”) and “Chernishevskaya”.

In the beautiful interiors of our restaurant You will experience true bliss and a time to forget about their daily problems. And will help You in this our enchanting masseuses, each of which is fluent in the art of erotic massage and is able to give You precious moments of unforgettable pleasure.

It features lovers full male guests, our Spa menu where You will find a variety of extensions to the standard programs of erotic massage for every taste and budget. And our regular guests consistently see the best offers exciting promotions and many pleasant surprises!

So don’t wait until stress and fatigue takes its toll, come for an erotic massage in the Spa is Incognito right now and our beautiful nymph is guaranteed to give You a sea of unforgettable impressions and new, with nothing comparable sensations.

We remind you that erotic massage in St. Petersburg in the Spa Incognito has nothing to do with escort services, and all information on this website is intended for persons 18 years of age.

The best vacation for men in St. Petersburg

Erotic massage studio INCOGNITO invites guests and residents of St. Petersburg. We offer bright massage programs for girls, boys and young couples.

You can count on:

  • Quality erotic services: service is carried out by professional masseuses. They comply with the program parameters, take into account your wishes.
  • Variety of offers: INCOGNITO spa has prepared solutions for every taste. Classic and extravagant programs are available to you:
    • Massage prostate: useful and enjoyable procedure. The event is especially popular among middle-aged and older men.
    • Lingama: easy stimulation to stimulate desire. It involves one or more girls. Use of additional accessories is provided.
    • Private erotic relax (exclusive program): a solution for true connoisseurs. As part of a private massage, the most daring wishes and dreams are fulfilled.
    • All Inclusive: multi-level erotic relaxation, including the best salon programs.
  • Great service: An extensive bar and friendly receptionists are at your service. Specialists will recommend suitable solutions and help you sign up for a session.
  • Beautiful interiors: a unique atmosphere is created in the studio. It is conducive to relaxation, allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To order an erotic vacation in St. Petersburg is not difficult - just visit the salon or leave a request by phone +7 (812) 770-88-74.

Eromassage programs

Amazing massage programs are available to all visitors. With their help, it will be possible:

  • To relax: INCOGNITO masseuses provide relaxation at all levels. Every cell of your body will feel painful pleasure.
  • To experience new sensations: Services are offered that touch upon other facets of pleasure. They act as separate procedures or additions to existing programs.
  • Conduct unforgettable evening with a loved one: erotica for a couple is a great addition to Valentine's Day or the anniversary of a relationship.

Ladies can to order massage to a man as a presentation. For this, gift certificates are provided that allow you to choose any program.

Masseuses are waiting only for you

Tender and charming work in the INCOGNITO salon girls. They have:

  • Amazing beauty: Masseuses have a stunning figure. They are graceful, seductive and feminine.
  • High professionalism: Girls flawlessly execute programs. One, two or three ladies participate in the massage - it all depends on your desires.
  • Unique Charm: meeting with INCOGNITO masseuses is an unforgettable adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.

When ordering Erotic SPB massage, you yourself choose a girl. Can change the masseuse each procedure or give preference to one.

What to choose: private ads or salon?

Using the services of the salon is profitable and convenient. You won’t have to:

  • Ring up masseuses: it will take time to find the right girl. You will ring a lot of private ads before you meet something worthwhile.
  • Ahead of time complete the procedure: what if the girl did not like? In the cabin you will choose another, when working with a private trader - just leave.
  • Worry about safety: studio is an official institution. Everything is fair and transparent here.

Salon INCOGNITO is located in the center of St. Petersburg, you can get to it at any time.

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Online request

* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)


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