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Erotic massage for women in St. Petersburg

Female erotic massage is a storm of emotions that resonates with forbidden pleasure. The event reveals new facets of sensuality, relieves accumulated fatigue, makes you forget about the problems. Sign up for erotic massage for women Turning to the INCOGNITO salon, you can order a passionate, unforgettable massage. The procedure is carried out in a … Continued

Erotic massage for men in St. Petersburg

Enjoy an erotic massage in St. Petersburg will help INCOGNITO studio. Visitors will find comfortable rooms, charming girls and amazing programs. Solutions for lovers of classic and extraordinary relaxation are provided. Sign up for erotic massage for men Visit INCOGNITO after a long flight, work week or a hectic weekend. The resulting emotions will remain … Continued

Erotic services reviews: the Incognito salon in St. Petersburg

Erotic massage salon INCOGNITO reveals new facets of sensuality and excitement. Visitors are waiting for programs filled with genuine excitement and vivid emotions. The studio invites women, men and couples in love. Only a wide variety of girls participate in these events. Guests will like “The Emperor 4 Hands”, “Sakura Branch”, “Lingam Massage”. Thrill-seekers are … Continued

The sexiest masseuses in St. Petersburg

A visit to the Incognito salon will allow you to enjoy a quality erotic massage. Intensive erotic massage programs await customers, giving an all-absorbing relaxation. There are solutions for women, men and couples in love. A visit to the studio will help: join the quality erotica; get acquainted with various erotic programs; spend an evening … Continued

Prostate massage – a pleasure with a twist

Prostate massage is a complex procedure that gives special pleasure. The event strengthens men’s health, allows you to achieve complete relaxation. The program is worth a try if you: used to getting to know new and unusual things; closely monitor your health; love to be surrounded by charming ladies; appreciate quality rest; Want to relieve … Continued

Erotic and gorgeous masseuses in the Incognito salon

Erotic massage studio Incognito invites lovers of forbidden pleasures. We have prepared explicit programs for women and men. You can order role-playing games, classic massage, an unforgettable erotic adventure with several girls. Events have a well-thought-out structure. They are suitable for beginners and sophisticated lovers of erotica. Masseuses involved in body procedures have many advantages. … Continued

Man massage with frank caresses

Men’s programs are filled with passion and excitement. They have a significant duration, give an all-absorbing relaxation. Activities vary in a number of ways: number of masseuses; number of visitors participating in the procedure; the use of additional accessories and aromatic oils; the possibility of changing girls. Erotic body massage is a great end to … Continued

Body massage in St. Petersburg

Body massage is a rich erotic procedure, filled with vivid emotions and unexpected discoveries. The event will appeal to single visitors and couples in love. It will help to recover after a long flight, a stormy party, a hard working week. The duration of the program is determined by the client, ranging from 30 to … Continued

Erotic massage near Vladimirskaya metro station

Bright erotic massage will not leave anyone indifferent. The event is suitable for men and women, couples will like it. It will be a great end to a party, a hard day, a languid journey. Eromassage is: sweet pleasure that fills every cell of the body; an amazing adventure, remembered for a lifetime; great opportunity … Continued

Aqua massage near the metro Dostoevskaya

Foamy massage will appeal to lovers of water procedures. The event is filled with many splashes, gives a divine relaxation and a lot of positive emotions. Aqua treatments are in demand after: hard working day; languid flight; stormy parties; severe stress. The program is aimed at women and men. It has a moderate duration, full … Continued

Ero show at the elite massage salon Incognito

Erotic show is a comprehensive program that delivers the highest pleasure. The event takes place in a special atmosphere, has amazing beauty. As part of the ero show you are waiting for: incendiary dances; gentle touches and candid poses; water treatments; new emotions; amazing feeling. Eromassage is a mandatory component of the event. It removes … Continued

Massage “Weasel of the prostate” in the erosalon of St. Petersburg

Weasel of the Prostate is an original program for men. The event gives new emotions, leaves a lot of vivid impressions. Features of the procedure: getting incomparable pleasure; the participation of charming girls who realize their wildest desires; strengthening men’s health; the opportunity to diversify eromassage at your discretion. Masseuses will take into account your … Continued

Erotic massage with coming on Nevsky Prospect

Erotic massage with an ending is an unforgettable adventure giving a storm of new emotions. As part of the procedure will succeed: enjoy quality relaxation; enjoy the intimacy with a girl; relieve tension; touch the unknown. The massage is filled with thrills. He will delight beginners and experienced connoisseurs of erotica. Erotic massage with a … Continued

Lingam massage in the salon on Nevsky

“Lingam Massage” is an erotic program focused on men. The procedure is filled with thrills, allows you to achieve pleasure at the highest point. Massage Features: gentle genital stimulation; passionate touch; all-consuming excitement; complete relaxation, comparable to sexual intercourse. The event relates to SPA massage, held in a special room. Before and after the program, … Continued

Erotic massage without sex

High-quality erotic massage does not always contain intimacy. A well-organized event will give no less pleasure than a procedure with sexual intercourse. The composition of a typical eromassage includes: gentle touches and light breaths; passionate hugs; measures to stimulate erogenous zones; light stroking; water treatments. At the request of the client, massage in oil can … Continued


Massage with a strap-on will appeal to lovers of forbidden pleasures. The event gives a thrill, has a positive effect on the body. Features of the erotic program: an experienced masseuse who is able to fulfill your desires is involved in the procedure; the event takes place in a special setting; you choose your own … Continued

Sweet strawberry

Spicy program for lovers of erotic massage. The event is replete with gentle touches, frank poses and weary caress. When ordering “Sweet strawberry”, you can: touch this erotic; get a lot of bright emotions; realize the cherished desires; customize the program on your own. You can resort to using a masseuse after a hard day’s … Continued

Sakura branch

Amazing erotic program focused on men. The event contains gentle touches, passionate kisses and light blows. Intimate massage will help: recover from work; get new sensations; realize hidden desires Massage is performed in a special room. At your service is a roomy bed, huge mirrors, equipment for water procedures. Eromassage in St. Petersburg Intimate Salon … Continued

«Lingam» massage

Male erotic massage, full of vivid emotions. The masseuse concentrates on the sexual organ, gives an incredible excitement and high-quality relaxation. “Lingam Massage” is appropriate in the following cases: it is necessary to relieve stress after a hard day; I want to relax and rest; there is a desire to diversify the classic program. The … Continued

Massage of feet and head

Erotic massage dedicated to the most sensitive areas. The procedure gives complete relaxation, allows you to forget about the accumulated problems. Features of the event: participation of a masseuse with special training; receiving new, bright emotions; the possibility of combining with other programs on eromassage; high-quality recreation for men and women. The program will appeal … Continued

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