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Relaxing massage with pleasant kisses in St. Petersburg

An erotic massage filled with hot touches and passionate kisses. The program is focused on the stronger sex, gives genuine excitement. You can: touch the charming masseuses; experience new sensations; get rid of accumulated stress; Feel fresh and updated. The event will appeal to lovers of eroticism and beginners. It is appropriate after a hard … Continued

Incognito Sexual Massage Studio

Erotic massage is a great way to relax and unwind. The event gives genuine pleasure, allows you to relieve stress, restore strength. Eromassage is appropriate after a long flight, a stormy party, a hard day. Highest pleasure in the salon of massage for all Touch the world of forbidden pleasures will help INCOGNITO salon. We … Continued

Ero show at the elite massage salon Incognito

Erotic show is a comprehensive program that delivers the highest pleasure. The event takes place in a special atmosphere, has amazing beauty. As part of the ero show you are waiting for: incendiary dances; gentle touches and candid poses; water treatments; new emotions; amazing feeling. Eromassage is a mandatory component of the event. It removes … Continued

Massage “Weasel of the prostate” in the erosalon of St. Petersburg

Weasel of the Prostate is an original program for men. The event gives new emotions, leaves a lot of vivid impressions. Features of the procedure: getting incomparable pleasure; the participation of charming girls who realize their wildest desires; strengthening men’s health; the opportunity to diversify eromassage at your discretion. Masseuses will take into account your … Continued

Erotic massage with coming on Nevsky Prospect

Erotic massage with an ending is an unforgettable adventure giving a storm of new emotions. As part of the procedure will succeed: enjoy quality relaxation; enjoy the intimacy with a girl; relieve tension; touch the unknown. The massage is filled with thrills. He will delight beginners and experienced connoisseurs of erotica. Erotic massage with a … Continued

Lingam massage in the salon on Nevsky

“Lingam Massage” is an erotic program focused on men. The procedure is filled with thrills, allows you to achieve pleasure at the highest point. Massage Features: gentle genital stimulation; passionate touch; all-consuming excitement; complete relaxation, comparable to sexual intercourse. The event relates to SPA massage, held in a special room. Before and after the program, … Continued

Erotic massage without sex

High-quality erotic massage does not always contain intimacy. A well-organized event will give no less pleasure than a procedure with sexual intercourse. The composition of a typical eromassage includes: gentle touches and light breaths; passionate hugs; measures to stimulate erogenous zones; light stroking; water treatments. At the request of the client, massage in oil can … Continued

Erotic spa on Vasilievsky for men

High-quality erotic SPA is a spiritual and physical pleasure. The procedure will distract from the everyday hustle and bustle, restore after a week of work or a stormy party. Erotica is relevant for men of any age. It gives thrills, new emotions and experiences. The best erotic in SPB Salon INCOGNITO invites everyone to eromassage. … Continued

“Secrets of Cleopatra” will reveal the secrets of female erogenous zones

“Secrets of Cleopatra” is a bright and sensual program for beautiful ladies. The procedure is suitable for women of any age. It will help to relax, relieve stress, take part in an erotic adventure. Erotic massage for women has amazing features: the program is implemented by experienced masseuses who are able to deliver thrills; The … Continued

Erotic massage for couples – the new super-sensitive level of your relationship

A passionate procedure that gives pleasure to both partners. The massage is replete with gentle touches, contains unusual elements. The event has a lot of features: Attraction of several girls. In the intimate program are two masseuses. Partners can exchange girls, order additional services. • Significant duration. Ero massage for a couple lasts 60 minutes. … Continued