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Элитный круглосуточный массажный салон для мужчин incognito-spa.ruHigh-quality erotic massage will appeal to women and men. It will allow you to enjoy physical intimacy, give a lot of expressive emotions.

The event has many features:

  • the procedure takes place in a relaxing environment;
  • masseuses use aromatic oils that increase the degree of pleasure;
  • one, two or three girls interact with the client;
  • The program may include water procedures that allow you to tune in the right way.

Admirers of special pleasures should try elite SPA programs. They have a considerable duration, may include elements of BDSM and role-playing games.

VIP erotic massage salon in St. Petersburg

Touching the forbidden pleasures will help the INCOGNITO intimate salon. We have prepared amazing solutions for women, men and couples in love. Women will enjoy exquisite events filled with special tenderness. Men are offered hot procedures, replete with lust and passion. For couples in love, dizzying adventures are provided, allowing you to take a fresh look at your partner.

Features of our studio.

  • 24 hour work. We welcome guests 24 hours a day. There are services for morning, evening and afternoon visitors. On weekends, special events are held dedicated to a certain topic.
  • Ability to control. Visitors actively participate in the program. They can take advantage of options to extend and diversify the event.
  • Pleasant atmosphere. Massage is provided in rooms equipped with roomy beds and huge mirrors.
  • Convenient location. The salon is located in the center of St. Petersburg. It can be reached by taxi, personal and public transport.

The cost of services is extremely transparent. The client does not pay additional fees and commissions.

Our girls are waiting for you for various massage programs with an erotic bias

Amazing masseuses work at INCOGNITO studio. Girls have excellent external data, work harmoniously in a team. They will give the highest pleasure from massage and foreplay.

See the full list of masseuses in the appropriate section.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)