Эротический массаж парам в Питере

Эротический массаж парам в ПитереPaired erotic massage is a vivid adventure filled with lust and excitement. The event is held in a special room. Visitors are surrounded by pleasant aromas, exotic lamps and huge mirrors.

Order the program can couples, lovers, close friends.

Sign up for erotic massage for couples

A request for a pair massage is worth it if

  • Do you want to please and surprise your partner;
  • craving to experience new sensations;
  • You plan a spectacular end to the celebration;
  • want to restore relations after a long separation.

The procedure will give a divine relaxation, relieve accumulated fatigue and nervous tension.

Pair erotic massage at INCOGNITO studio

A visit to the INCOGNITO salon will allow you to enjoy erotic massage in St. Petersburg. Numerous programs abound with caresses, kisses and sweet moans.

Massage is performed on a professional level, which guarantees the greatest pleasure.

Visitor Benefits:

  • unforgettable adventures in the company of charming girls;
  • the possibility of using aromatic oils, straps, accessories for role-playing games;
  • taxi payment when ordering programs;
  • the ability to get to the studio from any part of St. Petersburg;
  • continuation of the event at your discretion.

Sexy masseuses participate in the programs. They own Western and Eastern technology, realize their wildest desires.

Features of family erotic massage in the erotic salon

Joint massage is:

  • relaxation in a comfortable environment;
  • an occasion to get to know your partner better;
  • the opportunity to exchange masseuses;
  • a storm of new emotions.

Sign up for the massage right now. To do this, use the phone, electronic form or website functionality.

We work 24/7, we invite all residents and guests of St. Petersburg.

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Online request

* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)