Erotic massage near Vladimirskaya metro station

Массаж мужчине с откровенными ласкамиBright erotic massage will not leave anyone indifferent. The event is suitable for men and women, couples will like it. It will be a great end to a party, a hard day, a languid journey.

Eromassage is:

  • sweet pleasure that fills every cell of the body;
  • an amazing adventure, remembered for a lifetime;
  • great opportunity to relax;
  • reason to forget about the accumulated problems and troubles;
  • a nice complement to the holiday.

Paired programs are of particular interest. They allow you to normalize relations, help to better know your partner.

Massage for men at the metro Vladimirskaya SPB

Salon INCOGNITO invites connoisseurs of quality erotica. We have prepared unforgettable events that will impress the most demanding visitors.

Considerable attention is paid to men’s programs. They have a number of distinctive features:

  • variety of massage techniques;
  • unbridled passion;
  • use of various accessories;
  • attraction of one, two or three masseuses;
  • adaptation to customer needs;
  • the possibility of extending the event at their discretion.

Charming girls participate in the procedures. They have impeccable appearance, are able to charm any man.

Masseuses realize hidden desires. With their help it will be possible to ascend to the pinnacle of bliss, to know all facets of pleasure.

The studio is located near the Vladimirskaya metro station, you can get to it in a short time.

The best erotic massage around the clock

Joining a pleasant vacation is not difficult. It is enough to visit the salon and order the services you like. Many pleasant programs are available for customers: “Sakura Branch”, “Emperor in 4 Hands”, “Lingam Massage”.

Everyone can find a solution to their liking!

Five reasons to look at INCOGNITO:

  • the studio is located next to the metro;
  • taxi payment when ordering any program;
  • getting genuine pleasure from sorority;
  • beautiful interiors;
  • variety of bonuses and promotions.

For morning visitors special events are provided. They have an attractive price, give a good mood for the rest of the day.

Help in choosing programs is provided by INCOGNITO administrators. With their help, optimal solutions are selected and orders are placed.

We are waiting for residents and guests of St. Petersburg!

Online request

* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)