Erotic massage in St. Petersburg only with delicious masseuses

Эротический массаж в Санкт-Петербурге только с аппетитными массажисткамиHigh-quality erotic massage is an amazing event that gives genuine pleasure. The procedure is carried out in a special setting, filled with mysterious movements and pleasant aromas.

There are three types of intimate programs.

  • Women’s Sophisticated solutions for beautiful ladies. Visitors are available “Hot Orange”, “Cleopatra’s Secret”, “Classical Massage”.
  • Men’s Hot procedures saturated with passion and excitement. Representatives of the stronger sex should try “Lingam Massage”, “My Angel”, “VIP-complex Emperor”.
  • Paired. Extensive group programs. With their help, it will be possible to establish relations, to look at your partner from a new angle.

Eromassage will allow you to experience unprecedented arousal and good discharge.

Erotic massage aimed at sophisticated pleasure and orgasm

Massage events are adapted to the needs of the client. Special options are available to visitors that expand the boundaries of what is permitted:

  • the use of aromatic oils;
  • touching the bikini area;
  • water treatments with masseuses;
  • role-playing games;
  • peep and lesbian shows;
  • attracting additional girls.

Masseuses will do their best to satisfy the client.

Unusual and skillful masters of erotic massage in St. Petersburg

Salon INCOGNITO invites residents and guests of St. Petersburg. We have prepared programs for all groups of visitors. Lovers of classics, BDSM, lesbian joys will find suitable solutions.

Regular masseuses have a lot of advantages.

  • Natural beauty. Girls have an amazing appearance and an incomparable figure. They are able to charm the most fastidious guest.
  • Professionalism. Masseuses own Western and Eastern techniques, ensure impeccable execution of programs.
  • Private approach. During the procedure, all the wishes of the client are taken into account.

Girls know how to work in a team, create a coordinated tandem.

You can view photos of masseuses in the appropriate section.

Refine the price of services will help full-time administrators. They will talk about current tariffs, recommend suitable solutions.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)