Erotic massage for women in St. Petersburg

Эротический массаж женщинам в питереFemale erotic massage is a storm of emotions that resonates with forbidden pleasure. The event reveals new facets of sensuality, relieves accumulated fatigue, makes you forget about the problems.

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Turning to the INCOGNITO salon, you can order a passionate, unforgettable massage. The procedure is carried out in a room filled with bewitching aromas and subdued light. At your service a spacious bed, huge mirrors, shower.

The event will be most enjoyable if you:

  • never tried erotic procedures;
  • want to relax and rest;
  • love gentle touches and languid caresses.

You can extend the program, diversify it with aromatic oils and additional accessories.

Types of female erotic massage in INCOGNITO studio

INCOGNITO Salon offers solutions for the most demanding visitors. We have prepared unique programs that can deliver maximum pleasure.

The most popular are several events.

  • Classic massage. A relaxing treatment that has a healing and firming effect. The event is held by a professional masseuse, which guarantees its effectiveness.
  • “Cleopatra’s Secret.” Bright erotic massage filled with hot touches. The procedure lasts 60 minutes, affects every part of the body.
  • “Hot orange.” A unique program aimed at exotic lovers. The masseuse uses a hot orange, which adds a special piquancy to what is happening.

Our catalog will help you get acquainted with other offers for women.

Why does a woman need an erotic massage?

Massage performed by an experienced master solves many problems:

  • improved blood circulation;
  • normalization of the gonads;
  • reduced stress on the nervous system;
  • recovery of forces.

Our masseuses work around the clock. You can get the cabin from any part of St. Petersburg.

Give yourself a bright and unforgettable evening by ordering a massage at INCOGNITO studio.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)