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Lesbian show

High-quality erotica, available when ordering a massage in 4 hands. The event gives new emotions, allows you to experience a special aesthetic pleasure. The advantages of the show: a lot of candid poses and sweet moans; the participation of charming girls; charming atmosphere; the possibility of your participation. The procedure has no analogues. Once you … Continued

Light lesbian show

An unforgettable adventure filled with erotica and passion. The event is focused on men, held in a special room. You are waited by charming masseuses, capacious beds and huge mirrors. Features lesbian show: receiving new, surprising emotions; tight contact with girls; the ability to supplement the procedure with an erotic massage; removal of moral and … Continued

Hot orange

A painful oriental massage using hot fruits. The event is filled with eroticism, will appeal to women and men. Erotic program “Hot Orange” – is: sensual oil massage; gentle touch; relaxing atmosphere; the possibility of variable continuation Masseuses will bring you to the top of bliss, give you a lot of new emotions. Each event … Continued

Sweet strawberry

Spicy program for lovers of erotic massage. The event is replete with gentle touches, frank poses and weary caress. When ordering “Sweet strawberry”, you can: touch this erotic; get a lot of bright emotions; realize the cherished desires; customize the program on your own. You can resort to using a masseuse after a hard day’s … Continued

Game «Fountain»

“Fountain” is a sea of ​​splashes and bright emotions. The event is ordered as a separate program or addition to the massage. Get to know the game “Fountain” is worth it if you: you want to diversify erotic massage; never encountered erotica; adore sorority; love gambling adventures. The procedure involves experienced masseuses. They will help … Continued

Bikini zone

Additional service ordered with erotic massage. The event will diversify the process, make it hotter and more exciting. Take advantage of the option if you: appreciate full contact with a masseuse; love to get the most from the massage; adore high-quality erotica; not used to compromise. Touching the bikini zone will make the massage alive … Continued

«Lingam» massage

Male erotic massage, full of vivid emotions. The masseuse concentrates on the sexual organ, gives an incredible excitement and high-quality relaxation. “Lingam Massage” is appropriate in the following cases: it is necessary to relieve stress after a hard day; I want to relax and rest; there is a desire to diversify the classic program. The … Continued

Imitation of classic sex

The event, similar to the full sexual intercourse. You are waiting for hot touches, languid moans and candid poses. Imitation of classic sex perfectly complements the erotic massage. It will expand the facets of what is permitted, give new sensations. Order an event in the following cases: you want to get the most pleasure from … Continued

Imitation of oral sex

The event is complex. Imitation perfectly complement the massage, water treatments, foreplay. Imitation of oral sex is: new sensations; hot touch; high-quality erotica; the opportunity to take a fresh look at oral sex. An experienced masseuse is in charge of the erotic procedure. She will take into account the features of your body, give an … Continued

“Gentle Fingers” – undress your erotic masseuse

Amazing program, full of hot touches. Allowed to touch the bikini and decollete, the removal of clothing. The event is filled with lust and excitement, it will be interesting to any man. “Gentle fingers” is:  original erotic massage;  tight interaction with a masseuse; special atmosphere; a great vacation for men. The program contains high-quality eroticism, … Continued

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