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Erotic massage “Sakura branch” in St. Petersburg

“Sakura Branch” is a male erotic massage filled with hot touches and sweet moans. The duration of the event is 60 minutes. During this time, you will relax, remove the accumulated stress, and enjoy the intimacy with a girl. Sign up for the erotic service “Sakura Branch” Try intimate massage is in the following cases: … Continued

Эротический массаж парам в Питере

Paired erotic massage is a vivid adventure filled with lust and excitement. The event is held in a special room. Visitors are surrounded by pleasant aromas, exotic lamps and huge mirrors. Order the program can couples, lovers, close friends. Sign up for erotic massage for couples A request for a pair massage is worth it … Continued

Massage of feet and head

Erotic massage dedicated to the most sensitive areas. The procedure gives complete relaxation, allows you to forget about the accumulated problems. Features of the event: participation of a masseuse with special training; receiving new, bright emotions; the possibility of combining with other programs on eromassage; high-quality recreation for men and women. The program will appeal … Continued

Erotic massage: the maximum relaxation and pleasure

Saint Petersburg – a city famous for its changeable climate, dampness, cold winds and slush. In particular, a sense of grayness and cold, occurring in autumn and winter, when the weather is particularly lousy, and many Petersburgers just sit at home, not skrashivaya his leisure some entertainment. But there are in St. Petersburg, and something … Continued

Massage intimate zones in st. petersburg

For anybody not a secret that standard types of massage, sooner or later everyone bored so if you want something special, we offer to find out what massage intimate zones. Such an original action, certainly, will inspire you on many things, including and regain sensuality and passion. As the name implies, this type of massage … Continued

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)