Services of erotic massage


Эротический массаж за 2000Р вместо 4000Р и скидка 50% на все повторное посещение. Подробности у администраторов

30 minutes 3 000 rub.
Erotic massage

Saint Petersburg – a city famous for its changeable climate, dampness, cold winds and slush. In particular, a sense of grayness and cold, occurring in autumn and winter, when the weather is particularly lousy, and many Petersburgers just sit at home, without brightning up his leisure some entertainment. But there are in St. Petersburg, and something that can warm even…

30 minutes 3 000 rub.
Classic body massage

Classic for St. Petersburg is something that permeated every street and building of this great city. But we’re talking about the massage! Classic erotic massage is a pleasure for soul and body, to relax and relieve fatigue, accumulated over a long working life. In our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg the procedure of performing tender and affectionate nymphs, thoroughly knowledgeable…

60 minutes 4 000 rub.
Favorite cocktail

30 min. of classic massage and 30 minutes of erotic massage, imitation of classic sex

Erotic massage “Favorite cocktail” is a great opportunity to feel the Lord’s pleasure and to relax, to get rid of the burdens of everyday work. A special feature of this program is that it combines the techniques of traditional “classic” massage with the exotic “erotic”. A smooth transition from the classical to the erotic massage takes place really quickly, that…

60 minutes 4 500 rub.
My Angel

Erotic massage with imitation of classic sex

Have you at least once to reflect on in what way you can experience true pleasure and to reach climax? Knew ye not that smooth, sensual touch of a beautiful girl allow you to achieve complete relaxation. Our erotic massage salon in St. Petersburg offers relaxing massage “Angel’s Touch”. Delicate and charming girl will do everything for the client was…

60 minutes 4 500 rub.
Sakura branch

Erotic massage with imitation of kisses of the body

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” draws its sonorous name many people who want to experience unforgettable pleasure. But not all know what is implied, this type of relaxation. Search for the answer to the question, what is the massage “Sakura Branch” people turn to the help of Wikipedia and search engines, requesting videos and photos, reviews or tutorials. On this page,…

60 minutes 6 500 rub.
Secrets of Cleopatra

Erotic massage for ladies

As you know, erotic massage long ceased to be purely male way to get pleasure. Today it is very popular erotic massage for women. In St. Petersburg this service can easily be enjoyed in the Spa Incognito on Nevsky prospect, 74. Here in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation You will be able to receive unforgettable pleasure from gentle touch…

30 / 60 minutes 4 500 / 7 500 rub.
Mandrake root

The 30-minute program includes: massage of prostate and erotic massage. The 60-minute program includes: shower with a girl before and after massage, erotic massage, massage of prostate, «lingam» massage

In our salon of erotic massage Incognito you can relax body and soul, to forget about all the problems and life troubles. Our sessions of erotic massage will be able to assess the true connoisseurs and gourmands, those who choose a refined and want to get a full spectrum of unforgettable emotions and impressions. Our master of seductive massage able…

30 / 60 minutes 4 500 / 7 500 rub.
Erotic massage with strapon

Shower with a girl before and after massage, erotic massage, «lingam» massage

For many centuries, people have used massage. This is a very useful medical procedure. In Arabic the word translates as massage – gentle pressure, feel, touch, and French – grind. Massage is not just stroking and pressing with one or two hands, it is also the use of needles and special devices, which restore the disturbed structure. However, massage is…

60 minutes 7 000 rub.

Erotic massage with elements of BDSM

Many men one of the most vivid erotic fantasies is female domination. To obey her mistress, listening to her orders and execute them, receiving for their actions, reward or punishment, what could be better? Only if the dream becomes a reality. And this is possible with our Spa. We offer massage mistress in St. Petersburg which is accessible for any man! A…

60 minutes 12 000 rub.
Massage for couple

30 минут классического массажа , 30 минут эротического массажа, аква процедуры с девушками до и после сеанса массажа

According to the chief “law” of life – everything in this world sooner or later starts to lose interest: from the food we eat daily to the most passionate of relationships, forcing us to lose our heads and enjoy every second spent together. And it is worth emphasizing that this is especially true of that relationship changing rather quickly, if…

60 minutes 8 000 rub.
Unforgettable fantasies (4 hands)

Erotic massage with 2 girls, shower with a girl before and after massage, imitation of classic sex

In today’s world, where every day people have to deal with stress and negativity, lots of problems and troubles, sometimes, you just want to relax and enjoy the silence. The majority of all tasks lie on the shoulders of men, who not only allow their own troubles, but also to take care of the prosperity and well-being in the family.…

120 minutes 16 000 rub.
Academy of pleasure (6 hands)

Erotic massage with 3 girls, imitation of classic sex, light lesbian-show

Unsurpassed magic of the skilled masseuses of our salon of erotic massage Incognito will help relieve tension, fatigue and stress accumulated during the long workdays. Erotic massage “Academy of pleasure” performed by three masseuses in 6 hands, will take each guest on top of the world, will give a lot of inexpressible feelings and sexual pleasure. “Academy of pleasure” in…

20 000 rub.
«Day off»

Erotic massage is the art of giving pleasure. Sexy and experienced masseuses, which our erotic massage salon in St. Petersburg offers its guests know how to please the guest, to raise him to the top of bliss. We carefully select beautiful nymphs and know exactly what each of them can conquer a man’s heart, bringing a truly unearthly pleasure, giving…

Erotic massage salon INCOGNITO invites connoisseurs of quality relaxation. We offer exciting programs filled with lust, passion and excitement. Solutions for women, men, and couples are provided.

Five reasons to visit the studio:

  • Revealing new facets of sensuality: our programs will give maximum pleasure. They will help to forget about the daily bustle, to dump the burden of accumulated cases. Each procedure is an unforgettable adventure, giving a lot of positive emotions.
  • Location in the center of St. Petersburg: you can get to the salon from any part of St. Petersburg. Take a taxi, subway or personal transport.
  • 24 hours a day: customers are served 24/7. There are night, morning and evening programs. For early visitors discounts are provided.
  • Individual approach: experienced masseuses are at the service of clients. They have impeccable external data and a special grace. Girls realize the most daring desires.
  • Transparent prices: the cost of services is at an affordable level. The order of eromassage is not connected with the payment of additional fees and commissions.

A visit to the salon will leave an indelible mark on your memory. The pleasure you want will be experienced again and again.

Top salon programs

A lot of amazing programs await visitors:

  • Sakura branch: an event filled with sensual touches and pleasant blows. The procedure is focused on men, contains unexpected twists.
  • Lingam Massage: the massage therapists focuses on the genitals The program gives a special bliss, delivers incomparable pleasure.
  • Taste of cherry: the action is replete with languid caresses and kisses. Get special pleasure will allow the compression of the masseuse’s chest.
  • Lesbian show: The program is popular among the stronger sex; two or three girls participate in it. Masseuses will give exotic pleasure, help to realize secret desires.

Fans of thrills will like the services of the Lady. They will allow you to touch the base, forbidden pleasure.

Additions to massage

✅Erotic story – 500 rub.

✅ Private dance – 500 rub.

✅ «Gentle fingers» – 500 rub. (To take off girl’s clothes)

✅ «Soapy fantasy» – 500 rub. (Shower with a girl before or after massage)

✅ Massage of feet and head – 1000 rub. (+15 min.)

✅ Imitation of oral sex – 1000 rub.

✅ Imitation of classic sex – 1000 rub.

✅ «Lingam» massage – 1000  rub.

✅ «Sakura branch» – 1500 rub.

✅ Aqua-gel massage -1500 rub.

✅ «Taste 0f cherry» – 2000 rub. (Touching and kissing of breast)

✅ «Foot fetish» – 2000 rub.

✅ Game «Fountain» – 2000 rub.

✅ Classic body massage – 2000 rub. (+30 min.)

✅ «Bikini zone» – 3000 rub.

✅ «Sweet strawberry» – 3000 rub. (+15 min.)

✅ Light lesbian-show – 3000 rub. (With 4 hands massage)

✅ Lesbian-show – 5000 rub. (With 4 hands massage)

✅ Peep show – 2000 rub. (+15 min.)

✅ Peep show with toy – 3000 rub. (+15 min.)

✅ Strapon – 4000 rub. (+30 min.)

✅ «Mandrake root» – 3000 rub. (30 min.)

                                    – 5000 rub. (60 min.)

✅ «Unlimited buffet» – 7000 rub. (60 min.)

How to order a massage?

Salon administrators will help you choose the right program. They will tell you about the features of the events, introduce them to current discounts and promotions. You can contact INCOGNITO employees by phone or electronically.

Our doors are open for residents and visitors of St. Petersburg!

Online request

* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)