Secrets of Cleopatra

As you know, erotic massage long ceased to be purely male way to get pleasure. Today it is very popular erotic massage for women. In St. Petersburg this service can easily be enjoyed in the Spa Incognito on Nevsky prospect, 74. Here in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation You will be able to receive unforgettable pleasure from gentle touch of skilled hands of experienced craftsmen erotic massage.

Many ask, what will give erotic massage to the woman in addition to relaxation? Clearly the answer is that erotic massage for women is:

— excellent opportunity to recharge your positive energy. It is no secret that during a sensual erotic massage is an exchange of energy between the therapist and his client. During the session You will feel like You are gradually feeling the stress that comes peace and bliss, followed by a powerful charge of positive energy, accompanied by the release of endorphins;

— one of the ways to improve the entire body. The positive effects of erotic massage for women’s health has been proven for a long time. The use of an experienced master massage techniques allows you to relieve fatigue after a busy day, to reduce the period of recovery after heavy loads, and open in my body dormant potential;

— the opportunity to spend time in good company. Master erotic massage from Spa Incognito are not only experts in ancient techniques of relaxation, but also pleasant and interesting people, in which company can be an unforgettable way to pass their free time.

For women we have a special hour program of massage called “Secrets of Cleopatra”. Many of our visitors have been able to appreciate all the charm of a proposed type of relaxation, and then become our regular clients. Experience the gentle and sensual erotic massage for women by visiting our Spa at any time!

Cost of erotic massage for women SPb

If You want to learn new facets of their sensuality and to experience new, incomparable feeling then erotic massage for women called the “Secrets of Cleopatra” is what You need!

To see the current cost of erotic massage for ladies and ladies in St. Petersburg in the salon Incognito you can visit the “Spa menu” on our website. We remind you that our doors are open around the clock, so come on erotic massage for women You can at any convenient time daily. So do not think twice, visit us and learn all the secrets of Cleopatra today!

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)