Favorite cocktail

Erotic massage “Favorite cocktail” is a great opportunity to feel the Lord’s pleasure and to relax, to get rid of the burdens of everyday work. A special feature of this program is that it combines the techniques of traditional “classic” massage with the exotic “erotic”. A smooth transition from the classical to the erotic massage takes place really quickly, that gives zest, delicacy and tenderness, and allows each client of our salon of erotic massage to maximize relaxation and sexual arousal.

Favorite cocktail massage with a twist!

Mix of classic and erotic massage programme will appeal to everyone. Starting a session with the “classics”, which includes massage of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs, our divine nymphs will gradually begin to use not only the hands. In the course of going chest, butt and other charming delights that will make ending relaxation treatments unforgettable, and will bring a lot of pleasant emotions and sensations.

Visit our the salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg, located near the metro stations Mayakovskaya, Vladimirskaya or Dostoevskaya, every man can choose for himself the beauty of the soul. This can be a amazing brunette, hot redhead girl or Busty blonde – in any case, the massage “Favorite cocktail” will be performed at the highest level and will give just the same in heaven. To my job all of our girls are suitable with pleasure and desire, treating every customer like a beloved and cherished. So the massage started as a “classic”, one day will grow into a passionate and hot “erotic,” exciting and gives unforgettable emotions.

Massage classic + erotica: what does any man!

Our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg – a place where you can fully relax, get a charge of vivacity and sexual energy. Our adorable and charming nymphs know how so well to do erotic massage that the client will return the desire to live and the stress and hardships remain in the past. Tender touches girls respond in every cell of the body and bring a new level of sensitivity.

To talk about this procedure can be infinitely long. And to really understand and experience the whole spectrum of feelings that it gives, we must at least once to experience its miraculous properties for yourself. Do not forget that the erotic massage is called the science and fine art. Experienced masseuse, mastering them to perfection, are able to deliver to its customers an incomparable pleasure. The benefits of massage is inexhaustible – it has beneficial effects on muscle, good for the spine, increases energy of the body and eliminates many of the problems associated with health.

Erotic massage – therapeutic effect

In an atmosphere of complete relaxation restores your nervous system, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, normal pressure and gentle strokes will lift you up to the peak of bliss and euphoria. In addition, during the procedure, there will be exchange of energy between you and the wizard, thanks to which restored lost strength. These sessions are especially useful for those who lead an active and mobile lifestyle, spends a lot of time on the job, often exposed to stress, suffering from insomnia. Masseuses know all the main points, proper functioning of which depends the well-being. Replacing the various techniques – stroking, rubbing and pinching – they are working on every cell. It also improves blood flow, spreading over the body a pleasant languor and excitation, which subsequently give way to full relaxation. At the end of the session, the client looks fresh, happy and rested like you just got back from vacation.

The art of pleasure

Our beautiful girls know all the intricacies of erotic massage, which not only awakens in men the desire, but also gives peace. Gently they press on different parts of the body and stretch the muscles, allowing you to achieve the client total relaxation and spiritual harmony. The procedure is performed in a calm and romantic atmosphere, a distraction from worldly concerns. You can immerse yourself in completely new condition, you will feel incredible physical lightness.

In order For the client to fully relax, our masseuses use a variety of exotic flavors. Pleasant scents give a lot of unforgettable experiences and a new, previously unknown feelings.

If you want to try something bright and new erotic massage for men and women “a cocktail” from our erotic salon exactly what you need.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)