Erotic massage

Saint Petersburg – a city famous for its changeable climate, dampness, cold winds and slush. In particular, a sense of grayness and cold, occurring in autumn and winter, when the weather is particularly lousy, and many Petersburgers just sit at home, without brightning up his leisure some entertainment. But there are in St. Petersburg, and something that can warm even the most chilly night is an erotic massage which is ready to offer to every guest of our salon is beautiful, gentle and professional nymphs.

Erotic massage Salon in St. Petersburg – absolutely new word in the field of recreation for men. Unlike night clubs and bars in our salon is truly a warm and intimate atmosphere. Everyone is sure to feel we are “at home”. We offer a professional relaxing and therapeutic erotic massage in St. Petersburg by some of the most beautiful and hot girls in the Northern capital. Our lovely masseuse will help to relax, to forget about all the negativity and plunge into the sea of pleasure.

Erotic massage: we know you want to!

The beauty of our salon fulfill erotic massage for men love to, gently and professionally. Erotic massage in this case will be filled with passion and sexuality. The staff we have is quite extensive, so everyone is free to choose beauty, which would have appealed to him and sent him into the world of erotic pleasure. This can be a Busty blonde, amazing brunette, hot redhead girl in any case, the pleasure of the massage you will remember for a long time!

Our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg offers a variety of programs. Massage can begin with the usual “classics”, and then turn into filled with passion and sexuality of Thai massage or “the Branch of Sakura” with the end. Erotic massage is a truly exotic way to relax and get an unforgettable experience. Our girls will do anything to fill the client’s body, sexual energy, strength, regain inspiration and desire to live, to get rid of stress, help to forget about everyday life and routine. The gentle touch of our lovely girls will respond in your entire body, take you to a whole new level of sensitivity.

Note to men

A session of erotic massage is especially recommended to visit the men. And the reasons for this are a whole lot. First, due to the blood flow to the genitals, aktiviziruyutsya potential “asleep” in the upheaval the monotony of everyday life libido. Second, men who are experiencing decreased interest in sex, be more confident. In addition, the massage has a beneficial effect on the spine, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (infarction, stroke), stimulates the hormonal system, improves neural conductivity, which depends on the flexibility of the muscles and joints and also helps to get rid of stress and depression people who spend a lot of effort and energy in the realities of life.

Thanks to erotic massage men get a lot of vivid and strong sensations, which are impregnated with all the person’s senses. Nice atmosphere, gentle and sensual touch of magical massages, floating in the air smell exquisite and exciting flavors, soft and enveloping music, and half-naked slender body, and erotic movement, juicy fruits and a luxury wine… how can you deny yourself this pleasure? As you can see, in addition to the of sexual sensations the massage procedure gives many other unique moments and pleasant emotions.

Strengthening of intimate relations with the help of erotic massage

Did you Know that doctors, therapists recognize the benefits of regular visits to massage parlors. None of them have long does not dispute the fact that massages enhance intimacy in couples. Even experts often recommend patients to visit the salon of erotic massage together. Today, such services are very popular and I have to say, in demand. The benefits and pleasures increase significantly, if there is still a lovely woman. This procedure becomes memorable, leaving a trace in the soul, again and again indulge in their attractiveness.

If you want to forget about all problems and plunge into the world of bliss, then come to us. Find us is very simple – our salon erotic massage located in the heart of St. Petersburg, near the metro stations Dostoyevskaya, Mayakovskaya or Vladimirskaya. Charming and skilled masseuses, who owns numerous secrets of the ancient art, which for many centuries resorted to real men, warriors, hunters and travelers, you are welcome at any time of the day.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)