My Angel

Have you at least once to reflect on in what way you can experience true pleasure and to reach climax? Knew ye not that smooth, sensual touch of a beautiful girl allow you to achieve complete relaxation. Our erotic massage salon in St. Petersburg offers relaxing massage “Angel’s Touch”. Delicate and charming girl will do everything for the client was impressed, very relaxed, forget about all the troubles of everyday life and just plunged into the sea of relaxation.

Angel’s Touch: a sensual and seductive massage

Relaxing erotic massage in “Angel’s Touch” is a delicate technique, sensitive hands, chest, butt and other delights of a graceful nymph. This massage is performed in the intimate setting of the VIP room, surrounded by flickering candles and hot languid plume Oriental fragrances. This environment allows the client to relax, tune in for an amazing journey into the world of heavenly pleasures!

Sensual erotic massage in St. Petersburg “Angel’s Touch” is entirely naked bodies of our masseuses. Gentle touch lovely nymphs bring you to complete relaxation and will help you experience the unprecedented feeling. Before beginning the massage, the masseuse girl right in front of the client undresses, demonstrating all the charms of his seductive body.

To Fully relax during a massage will help scented candles. It uses special aroma oils that bleeds and rubs the client’s body, allowing you to achieve an incredible relaxing effect. Elastic body lovely masseuse will slide smoothly on the torso, back, hips and legs. This erotic massage for men will bring the maximum relaxation and will bring true sexual pleasure and help you to forget about all the problems.

Secrets of erotic massage

People who lived in ancient times knew the benefits of massage, about its healing and miraculous properties. Skilled seamstresses, working on specific points, gave the men an indescribable pleasure, return the lost health. Massage techniques, both traditional and erotic, began to spread around the world from the East.

It is Worth noting that erotic massage occupies a special niche in this area. With it you can increase the duration of intercourse, to make the feeling more vivid and intense. Use during the procedure, stimulating essential oils gives you the chance to relax, to get excited, to boost sexuality and potency. They improve the understanding and raise the spirits.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with candles and nice music is stimulating all sensual zones. Circular motions, taps, pressure and tingling, changing rhythm and intensity, masseuses work wonders, to bring the client to ecstasy.

Erotic massage is an opportunity to give vent to their fantasies and be at the peak of bliss. It is an art, mastering which you can restore energy balance, improve immunity, normalize blood pressure. After the session you will feel like a new person, refreshed and ready to boldly go to meet any of the twists and turns of fate.

The Magic of erotic massage: treat yourself to heavenly pleasure

Visit our showroom “Incognito” and your sexual desire will begin to come true right here and now. You forget about the gray everyday life, endless traffic jams and hectic. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to be in an oasis of warmth and comfort, taste a piece of Paradise, get a lot of unforgettable emotions and sensual pleasures. Experienced female masseuse will do anything to have you immersed in a new, dreamlike reality. Millimeter by millimeter you will roll a wave of desire.

Visit our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg will give you unforgettable moments. Every moment of your muscles will run a microscopic spark discharge of electric current. Passion will pierce you to the depths of your being. You will visit a world of infinite pleasures, where it ceases to exist the time, forget about all the prejudices and reach a state of ecstasy. After the procedure you will be absolutely happy person, full of strength and energy.

“Angel’s Touch” – an amazing erotic massage in our salon located near the metro stations Mayakovskaya, Vladimirskaya or Dostoevskaya, perform real professionals of their craft, a beautiful girl with elegant forms. This massage each client will be remembered for a long time. It is designed for those who wish to fill your life with bright emotions and magical feelings.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)