Classic body massage

Classic for St. Petersburg is something that permeated every street and building of this great city. But we’re talking about the massage! Classic erotic massage is a pleasure for soul and body, to relax and relieve fatigue, accumulated over a long working life. In our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg the procedure of performing tender and affectionate nymphs, thoroughly knowledgeable and have extensive experience.

Erotic massage in St. Petersburg, helpful and pleasant.

Classic massage in our the salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg is a time – honored “classic” that is in addition to the amazing pleasures can still have a positive impact on health. Facial massage, back, shoulder girdle, chest and legs will help to make your body healthy and beautiful.

Our erotic massage salon, located in the center of the Northern capital, values each client. You can sign up for medical massage being the best remedy for the treatment of consequences of injuries and ailments. We have the best professionals of St. Petersburg, some girls have only one by his touch to deliver a true delight. In our classical erotic massage perfectly combines professionalism and efficiency with softness, relaxation and sexuality. Only we have a massage becomes something pleasant and attractive, he wants to experience again and again!

Classical erotic massage in St. Petersburg – treatment of any disease

Classic and erotic massage in Saint Petersburg is a popular choice for both men and women. Treatments are performed by experienced girls-masseuses – perfect for those who seek a healthy lifestyle. A massage will help to maintain healthy joints, muscles and other organs of the body, to avoid sports injuries, and just to relieve fatigue.

Back massage is perfect for people who spend a long time in the office behind the computer monitor, because it relieves tension in the back and relieves pain. Besides, it is the “classic” massage has a positive effect on the human immune system, is an effective means of dealing with stress, and harmonizes the activities of all body systems in General.

Atmosphere of love and bliss

During a session of classic erotic massage will take you into the realm of Eros and will be able to experience many pleasant emotions. Beautiful and experienced masseuses who know their craft from A to I, used during the procedure, different types of fragrant oils, light stroking will apply them on your body, awakening dormant imagination with erotic scenes. Your consciousness will be opened to love. Sexy nymphs will gently RUB your skin, to give my warmth and tenderness. You will find yourself in a halo of bliss, a prisoner of pleasure.

Erotic massage is a unique experience in which many people make in their intimate life a lot of new feelings and elements. Every client learns something new, gets acquainted with an ancient art that is experiencing the strongest feelings, and then going through it all again and again, but not in the walls of the cabin, and at your intimate Lodge.

The erotic massage for couples – the path to a new life

If you wish our salon at any time of the day or night can enjoy bold and confident in each other pair. For anybody not a secret that over time bright first love, full of passionate feelings and reckless actions, is replaced by a quiet and peaceful love that is sometimes called a “habit”. But not everyone is like knots landing, and many couples seek to diversify their intimate life, making new emotions, experiences, impressions.

In our salon you can radically change your life to get a lot of unpredictable and romantic feeling, passionate and intense. After a session of erotic massage beloved man is unlikely to pay close attention to the foreign yoke, and the woman to find romance on the side.

Erotic massage for couples will decorate your life together unforgettable moments. Thanks to the skillful actions of our masters of massage, your love will Shine brighter colors, filled with many experiences can spark began to fade the flame of passion.

Erotic massage in Northern capital

If you came to Peter – visit our erotic massage salon, located in the city center close to metro stations Vladimirskaya, Mayakovskaya or Dostoevskaya. We will find you the individual program of classical massage, which will perform the most sexy and charming girls. After a classic start can also be exclusive and spicy erotic “sequel”! Come to us – give yourself a good mood and get a charge of vivacity for a long time!

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)