Mandrake root

In our salon of erotic massage Incognito you can relax body and soul, to forget about all the problems and life troubles. Our sessions of erotic massage will be able to assess the true connoisseurs and gourmands, those who choose a refined and want to get a full spectrum of unforgettable emotions and impressions. Our master of seductive massage able to give pleasure to their customers.

With us you will forget about time, you will be in the space of a warm Paradise of bliss, you will experience an incredible feeling, a rush of strength and vigor that will help you to realize the most daring goals and achieve your dreams Sensual, exciting and unique massage, performed by skilled female masseuses you will remember for a long time!

Magical properties of the legendary Mandrake root

“Mandrake Root” is a magical, mysterious and full sensual soft massage, where elegant classics combined with sexual eroticism. A pleasant addition this massage is to stimulate the delicate hands of our sensual nymphs prostate men. It is believed that this mythical plant has its mystical secrets. It bestows love, beauty, eternal youth and attracting good luck. The secrets of the Mandrake is still not solved, and legends filled with mysteries. Maybe you will solve some of them.

Massage “the Mandrake Root” – the secrets of masculine power!

As we have said, the unusual properties of the Mandrake root is known since ancient times. The history of this miraculous plant are shrouded in centuries of mystery. In particular, this root is attributed with healing properties and considered that he is able to restore and enhance male potency, to give an incomparable sexual pleasure. With it, you will be able to normalize the pressure, as well as emotional and energetic background. Your thoughts will be purified of negativity and filled with positive energy. You will experience a lot of vivid erotic and sensual emotions. It is a true pleasure for the worthy!

Our professional girls performing erotic massage “Mandrake Root”, will help you to feel a guest in our salon all the charm and magic of erotic massage, will give an unforgettable experience and incredible pleasure.

Journey into the mysterious and magical world of pleasure starts in our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg with relaxation and immersion in the intimate environment of comfort. All our rooms are extremely comfortable and luxurious, specially prepared for the massage. Skilful hands our gentle masseuses escort the guest into the realm of euphoria and bliss.

“Mandrake Root” massage to complete relaxation!

Starts an erotic massage in St. Petersburg “Mandrake Root” with the gentle caresses of the whole body of the guest, the velvet touch of the hands. Then the masseuse-pretty Gal will take off all my clothes, because it is this massage is absolutely unnecessary! Oblivshis aromatic oil, the girl will proceed with gentle caresses, touching the client’s body, starting with hands and ending with buttocks, Breasts and hips. At the same time with magical senses, the guest will be able to enjoy the most important highlights of this “Mandrake Root” of prostate massage.

Gently, with awe and professionalism, using her thin fingers, sexy nymph bring a guest to a full climax. Try the prostate massage, which offers our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg, located in the heart of the city, close to the metro stations Vladimirskaya, Mayakovskaya or Dostoevskaya – you will definitely feel an incredible surge of strength and sexual energy. Accumulated stress, fatigue and all the grayness of everyday life are gone, replaced by lightness and incredible sensations.

The thrill of massage

Erotic massage “Mandrake Root” is a real erotic tale. You will receive the sea with nothing comparable sensations, entertainment, and violent entertainment. Our nymph – quiet, humble, passionate, exuberant and unrestrained will to realize all your secret dreams, full of bold and wild fantasies. Sparks sexual touch will excite every cell of your body. This massage is very healthy and plus – extends the life of.

Experienced and attractive masseuses are always open for communication. They not only have elements of this ancient art, but can support any conversation.

Erotic massage is pleasant Wellness procedure which you can pause premature fading of sexual function. It has a healing effect on the skin and muscles, and internal organs, harmonizes mental and emotional state directs the flow of vital energy in the right direction. It is a source of new experiences and new sexual experiences. After a session of erotic massage is your relationship with your partner sparkle with bright colors, open previously unknown facets that will sparkle like a jewel.

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