Many men one of the most vivid erotic fantasies is female domination. To obey her mistress, listening to her orders and execute them, receiving for their actions, reward or punishment, what could be better? Only if the dream becomes a reality.

And this is possible with our Spa. We offer massage mistress in St. Petersburg which is accessible for any man! A woman who gave her beloved such pleasure (making for him an order with us) can be sure that he gets unbelievable feelings and well compensated for it.

Massage of Madam: read more about service

If you love RPGs, you will love this procedure! But if you just came in for a massage, well, feelings will be much brighter than before. It’s not just stroking, but a real play, in which everyone has their own role. It is erotic, sophisticated, sensitive, so if your significant other is jealous, it is better to agree with her. Better yet, if she would buy it for you service.

So, the massage lady in Saint-Petersburg is essentially a role-playing game which dominates a woman. By ordering the service you should understand that:

— Before you madam, the whims of which depends your fate;

You must meet her so that she will want to encourage you, not to punish;

— Then you obey, and that’s the whole point of the game.

Once a woman decides how you behave, and how the end result of your meeting. In fact, the only two options: if she liked communicating with you, you as a worthy slave will get a reward. In our case, erotic massage to and also prostate massage. If your mistress did not like the behavior of his subordinate, you will be punished: spanking with a whip.

Want to play this game and get pleasure from a professional touch? Then the massage lady in Saint-Petersburg Spa salon Incognito is exactly what you not only like, but will give the brightest impressions!

Service with pepper inside

When Ordering this service you should understand that having distinct erotic overtones, no cheating it is not. It’s just a game, entertainment for the benefit of health, which organises our experts. Easy and pleasant pastime, relaxation, total relaxation and real pleasure – that’s what you get from this procedure. And, of course, the satisfaction of knowing that your dream finally came true!

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)