Sakura branch

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” draws its sonorous name many people who want to experience unforgettable pleasure. But not all know what is implied, this type of relaxation. Search for the answer to the question, what is the massage “Sakura Branch” people turn to the help of Wikipedia and search engines, requesting videos and photos, reviews or tutorials.

On this page, You will learn about all the intricacies of this method of relaxation, but to enjoy erotic massage “Sakura Branch” in Saint-Petersburg will be able at any convenient time by visiting our Spa.

What is the massage “Sakura Branch”?

As you know, the amazing beauty of the Sakura plant is the symbol of the rising sun. Sakura branch with delicate flowers often adorns the Japanese paintings and interior items. It is not surprising that its implementation can be seen today in many things, including his impeccable technique in a particularly sensual way to relax.

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” consists of sensual touches of an experienced masseuse to the client’s body, complemented by the gentle indication of erogenous zones. The biting may be accompanied by light blows and skillful movements of the tongue, enhancing the pleasure. All this is reminiscent of the touch of the petals of the Japanese rose, that’s why this technique got its name.

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” can also be supplemented using during the session of cognac and ice cubes. With the help of alcohol, master massage warms the place on the body of the client, and then creates a temperature contrast with the ice, which gives more pleasure.

After all of the above, it may seem that erotic massage “Sakura Branch” may not last a long time as so acute and pleasant feelings inevitably lead to the inevitable surge of adrenaline. However, the experienced masters of massage are capable to easily direct outbreak of energy in the right direction, forcing the client to experience the incomparable experience.

Where you can enjoy a massage “Sakura Branch” in St. Petersburg?

A place where You can experience the unforgettable feeling, called erotic massage “Sakura Branch” in Saint-Petersburg is a Spa Incognito on Nevsky 74. It is here that an experienced master of erotic massage will bring You great pleasure and give incomparable emotion.

To see the prices for erotic massage “Sakura Branch” and other types of massage that we offer, please visit the “Spa menu”, but to experience all the facets of pleasure if You visit our Spa to SPb at any time convenient to You.

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